I am Brian I started working on cars when I was 14 yrs old with my step dad and best friend. After high school I went to the NIC Diesel tech. Program. While in school I worked keeping a fleet of heavy-duty tractors and trailers going at Craig Scheckla Trucking and Richardson Trucking. Then I joined the Idaho Army National Guard as a 91b all wheeled vehicle mechanic. I worked at Rosspoint Truck Repair for a few years before getting deployed to Iraq. After my 2 tours in Iraq I went to North Dakota for a few years running a heavy-duty truck repair shop and managed a automotive fleet . I then went back to the army as a track mechanic working on all the army tracked vehicles including tanks. Then about three years ago I opened my own shop In hopes of helping our community further. Since then I have being specializing in all custom accessories, automotive repairs and of course I have been furthering my knowledge in diesel repair. Here at Merica Motorsports we continue to further our knowledge by attending up to date specialized courses. I look forward to assisting you in any of your automotive or diesel repairs- God Bless


My name is Adam and I have been working on cars my whole life, I rebuilt my first engine when I was 16 and my first automatic transmission when I was 18. After high school I attended North Idaho Community College for two years then I got into the drilling industry. I performed repairs on drill rigs and all the support equipment including winch trucks, tankers, tractor semis, and equipment for 7 years before I started my own business in North Dakota. In North Dakota I was in charge of operations, heavy duty truck repairs and repairs to our automotive fleet. North Dakota Died down so I moved back home to Coeur D’ Alene and opened a repair shop here. Since then I have been working on all makes and models. Our team here at Merica Motorsports can handle any necessary repairs to any type of vehicle or equipment. I look forward to helping get your vehicles back on the road just as quickly as possible. Thank you and God Bless





     My name is Craig I started repairing cars and farm equipment when I was a kid. I have been working on cars and trucks for over 40 years.